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About Art Time Studio, LLC

Working in my studio in Texas.


About Min Kennedy

I have identified myself as an artist since I was very young. I enjoy working with different types of materials and oftentimes transition from one media to the next. Metals, drawing, painting, & fibers are among my favorites. I’ve come to see my life vocation as making art & teaching others to see their creative potential.  Through life stage developments; learning skills, and healing old wounds from my past, art has always been my safe place. Today, my work focuses on the Joy in my life, on my faith, and the gratitude I feel.. When I am working with my hands and creating, I feel God’s glory. 


Art Time Studio was established while living in Wisconsin. I taught art & maintained an art therapy practice. In 2004, when I moved back to Texas, the direction of my work changed. Today, I maintain a vision for hosting small creative circles as friends express an interest.  My husband Dan is a creative type as well, and without his talents and support of my work, I would not have the beautiful experiences I have, doing what I love most….Making ART !


MS in Art Therapy from Mount Mary University, 

Milwaukee, WI

BFA, Metalwork / Jewelry, University of North Texas, Denton, TX